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Our UPVC Spray Painting Services In Merseyside, Liverpool And Cheshire

If you need high quality uPVC spray painting in Merseyside, Liverpool or Chester at a reasonable price, get in contact with Sprayrite. We are a fully trained, professional, family run business giving domestic and commercial properties a completely updated look without our customers having to worry about the financial costs of replacing units. Our products are of the highest quality and we care deeply about attention to detail, so if you want to totally transform your kitchen’s layout or quickly refurbish your windows, you can count on us to do a spotless job.


At Sprayrite, we are committed to giving you excellent value for money, so give us a call and receive a bespoke quote today!

What Can Sprayrite Do For You? 

Windows and doors uPVC Spray Painting in Merseyside and North West


uPVC Spray Coating

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our uPVC spray paint. Available in 300 different colours, the products that we use are guaranteed to produce a polished and sturdy finish. We offer a 10 year guarantee on all uPVC spray paint jobs, so you can be sure that the work completed on your property lasts for a long time. Our trained professionals are qualified to spray almost anything, so there is no task too demanding for us. More people are increasingly choosing uPVC spray paint because of its cost benefits, speed of completion and ability to transform numerous surfaces. So, if you are a homeowner or business looking to update your property, get in touch with us and see what uPVC spray paint could do for your premises.

Kitchen Spray Painting in Merseyside and North West


Kitchen Spray Painting

Replacing parts in your kitchen is a time-consuming, highly expensive process. Adding new units also leaves a mess and means that you may not have access to your kitchen for a prolonged period. With uPVC kitchen spray painting, we can transform the look of your kitchen at a much lower cost and in no time at all. To avoid making a mess, our team takes moveable kitchen parts to be spray coated in a factory, while immovable items are carefully taped, washed, sanded down and painted. We also take extra care over regulating room temperature as a means of guaranteeing the best possible finish.



We can update your kitchen with all types of styles and colours, so if you want uPVC spray painting in Merseyside, Manchester or Cheshire, give us a call.



  Additional Services


Soffits that have gathered dirt can be extremely visible from outside of your property and are also very difficult to maintain, so why not use our uPVC spray painting service to make sure that your building’s exterior looks spotless. As a business, you may want your soffit’s colour to align with the rest of your premises in order to maintain a professional look. You will be amazed by the difference we can make to your external area, so get in contact with us to see what we can do.


As expert uPVC spray painters in Merseyside, Manchester and Liverpool, we offer uPVC spray painting services on doors for both domestic and commercial purposes. Whether you are a homeowner looking to change the colour of their interior doors or a shop owner who wants their exterior door to match the style of their building, our team of experts can get the job done quickly and at an excellent price. Using uPVC spray paint also adds to the door’s durability and increases its life span.



If you want your tiles coated with the same uPVC spray paint as used on your kitchen, the service comes at no extra cost and will leave your kitchen with a textbook shiny finish. Moreover, exterior tiles can easily become weathered and lose their capacity for insulation, which means that adding a fresh layer of uPVC spray paint will ensure they remain sturdy during the winter months.



As a homeowner or business, your walls can fade and start to flake without you noticing, so using our uPVC spray painting service will ensure that your interior walls continue to look their very best. Our professionals will safely remove household items and seal those that cannot be moved ahead of painting. The spray paint itself is touch dry within minutes, so you don’t need to worry about any lasting smells.


Roller Shutters

As a businessowner, your roller shutters can be subject to UV light, graffiti, rust or partial damage, which makes having a durable protective layer incredibly important. Our team of experts can also give the front of your building a new colour and complete the job on site, saving your business time and money in the process. So, if you run a business and need uPVC spray painting in Merseyside, Chester or Cheshire don’t hesitate to give us a call.



For homeowners and businesses alike, replacing your garage door can be a lengthy and costly process. At Sprayrite, we provide a first-class uPVC spray painting service that reinsulates your garage door against UV light and harsh weather, along with using a colour that aligns with the scheme of your building. To save yourself time and money, give us a call to see what we can do for your garage door.



Instead of installing a new window, why not hire our uPVC spray painting service to restore, refresh and transform your existing windows at around 70% less of the cost. Over time, windows can lose their colour and capacity for insulation, potentially leading to a reduced life span, so we are here to give windows of all shapes and sizes a stunning renewed look.

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Sprayrite is located in Merseyside and we are able to provide spray painting services in all of the North East including: Liverpool, Birkenhead, St Helens, Southport, Cheshire, Warrington, Chester, Widnes, Manchester, West Lancashire and Chorley. Wherever you are based, get in contact with Sprayrite for a first-class update to your home or business.



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